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In the interest of the Municipal Council to honor the heroes and of Al-Manihla in various sports, a joyful ceremony was held in the Municipality Palace to celebrate the athletes, coaches and members of the bodies of the following sports associations: Weightlifting: (Manihla Sports Association) - Mohamed Amine Bouhajba, first place (gold), African Championship, Egypt - Muhammad Sajir Al-Jabali ranked first (gold) at the African Championship in Egypt - Aziz Al-Mannai ranked second (silver) in the African Championship in Morocco Coach Ashraf Youssef Yuzikando: (Sports Association in Manihla) Burhan Al-Ghazwani won the world championship gold Jehan Bildiaf won the World Championship gold - Aya Al-Kasouri won the World Championship silver The trainers are Rahma Al-Falah - Ahmed Al-Masgouni Powerlifting: strong pregnancy and fitness (Manihla Sports Association) - Heba Kaidi gold medal in the African Championship (Fitness) - Sarah Khalfi won the World Championship (Powerlifting) - Nourz Mezhoud, silver in the African Championship (powerlifting) - Elias Al-Zarai, silver in the African Championship (Powerlifting) The trainers are Abdul Nour Al-Hasnawi - Najat Al-Hudhali, Al-Falah's wife Yuzikando: Prison and Correctional Officers Sports Club (CSFPR) - Omaima Al-Qunouni ranked first for clubs (golden) in the World Championship Maryam Al-Awni ranked second for clubs (silver) in the World Championship - Ghaith Al-Sharni ranked second in the World Championships (silver). Basma Al-Ayari ranked third in the World Championship (bronze) teams Coach Muhammad Anis Al-Wahhabi



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