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The Works and Urban Development Committee held its meeting today, Wednesday, September 8, 2021, in the presence of a number of members of the Municipal Council and a number of those in charge of municipal interests, such as the Transactions Department and the Technical Department, in addition to a number of Al-Manihla residents.

The following points have been addressed :

1 -Territorial boundaries proposals for the municipal departments that the Council approved its events (Al-Basateen, Al-Senhaji, and Al-Menzah Gardens) after conducting a field visit to propose boundaries.

2- A real estate problem that obstructed the completion of procedures, for example, the urban development of the municipality of Al-Manhila.

3- Following up on the progress of the completion of the programmed projects and finding out the reasons for the disruption by listening to the concerned interests and trying to find common solutions to accelerate the completion of a number of projects related to enlightenment, paving, maintenance of roads and dressing rooms, and other projects that were suspended for reasons of force majeure, which seemed to be bypassed and a number of The projects are in the final stages of launching the actual implementation on the field



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