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This morning, Wednesday, March 24, 2021, the Mayor of Manihla supervised a working session dedicated to presenting the preliminary results of the water study related to protecting the municipal area from floods and accelerating the completion of the general example of the urban development of the municipality of Manihla, which was the reason for delaying the completion of the example, in the presence of Ms. Souad Hamdi, Head of the Works and Urban Development Committee,

and Mr. Youssef Al-Juweini, inspector-general of the municipality, municipal advisor Salim Al-Bohali, representatives of the central and regional departments of equipment and housing, the Ministry of Agriculture, Lieutenant Colonel Khalifa Al-Nuaimi, Head of the National Guard Division for Municipal Regulations and the Studies Office in charge of completing the project of the general example of urban planning,

and Mr. Amara Al-Jawadi, Director of Technical Services In the municipality of Solidarity,

and all attendees made a field visit to inspect the residential communities threatened by rainwater runoff in the Al-Sunhaji area



  • Bizerte street, Km 4.5
  • Mnihla
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