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A working session held by the Mayor of Manihla Municipality this morning, Tuesday, March 23, 2021, when he met with Mr. Abdul Majid Al-Tayeb, the President and Director General of the National Office for Disinfection, dealt with the following points:

_Accelerating the connection of the Al-Sunhaji area and the neighboring neighborhoods to the disinfection water drainage network

_Agreeing on the Diwan's program to keep pace with the urban expansion according to the draft general example of the urban planning of the municipality

The meeting was attended by Messrs

Youssef Al-Juweni, inspector general of the municipality

Tahar Belkaid, regional director of disinfection in the state of Ariana

It was agreed to hold follow-up sessions to implement the approved programs in this regard



  • Bizerte street, Km 4.5
  • Mnihla
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