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Within the framework of continuing to tighten monitoring of violations of chaotic construction, especially in agricultural lands in the Rouss Lahraik area and the adjacent neighborhoods, follow-up sessions continued this morning at the headquarters of the Municipality of Manihla and urgent solutions and firm measures to address violators before the development of construction works and the accountability. The session was attended by

Dean Ziyad Al-Falih Head of the National Guard in El Menzah Gardens,

Major Khalifa, Head of the Municipal Order Guard Division,

Jamal Talbi, General Clerk of the Municipality,

Youssef Al-Juweni, Head of the Department of Governance and Inspection,

Zainab Al-Sulaiti, Head of the Department of Regulation and Economic Affairs,

and municipal advisors Shukri Al-Sharif and Salim Al-Bohali



  • Bizerte street, Km 4.5
  • Mnihla
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