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On February 24, 2021, Mr. Mayor Sadiq Al-Saafi supervised a working session on following up the completion of municipal projects and expediting their implementation in service of the region and its residents, in the presence of gentlemen and ladies:

- - Moez Ben Jedda, head of the regional branch of the Fund for Loans and Local Community Assistance in Tunisia

- Mr. Secretary General of the Municipality

- Mrs. Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs

- The lady is the head of the Municipal Works Committee

- Mr. Amarah Al-Jawadi, Director of Technical Departments in the Municipality of Tadamn

- Mr. Abd al-Sattar al-Jandoubi is in charge of the department of gas management in the municipality of Manihla.

- Mr. Ali bin Assi is in charge of the technical department in the municipality of Mnehla


- Mr. Mohammed Al-Rihani is in charge of the Public Works Department in the municipality of Al-Manihla.



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  • Mnihla
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