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A working session was held on February 11 2021, chaired by the Mayor, and in the presence of Mrs. Souad Hamdi, Head of the Works Committee, Mr. Director of the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company, Mr. Mohamed Rihani and Mr. Sami Chaouachi, on behalf of the interest Enlightenment to consider the following points: :

* Strengthening the electrical network in the municipal area, especially Al-Saafah and Al-Janadbeh neighborhoods

* Concentration of electric meters for the public enlightenment project for the year 2018

*Strengthening public enlightenment in the El Menzeh Gardens, El Gomhouria and El Basateen districts

* Concentration of electrical meters that have been recalculated

* Connecting Taksim Al Yasmeen near Hamida Bakir Institute

* Avoiding delays during emergency interventions

* Provide relais



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