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At the request of Dr. Najiba Shabshoub, Head of the Municipal Council of Manihla and with the assistance of the deputies of the state of Ariana, Mr. Sahbi Ateeq and Mr. Hassan Al-Omari, today, Wednesday, January 23, 2019, a delegation On behalf of the Municipal Council, in a working session with the Minister of Local Affairs and the Environment, Mr. Mukhtar Al- Hammami, who was accompanied by Ms. Basma Al-Jabali, Secretary of State for Local Affairs.

The Minister expressed his interest in the municipality of Manihla as a modernized municipality with a high population density. In his intervention, Mr. Al-Sahbi Ateeq expressed his thanks to the Minister, who responded to the request of the Municipal Council despite his many concerns, and then presented to the Minister the most important issues that The municipality is going through it, in particular the question of specialized human resources that are lacking in the interest of the municipality. >M. Hassan Al-Omari expressed the need to provide assistance to the municipality, especially as it is experiencing a new phase after being a municipal department.
Dr Najiba Shabshoub expressed his joy at the rapid response of the Minister at her request, as she appreciated the promises made by the Minister...



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