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The Works and Urban Planning Committee of the Municipality of Manihla held a technical meeting with specialists and a representative of Civil Protection and a representative of the Regional Delegate for Sports and Youth and the offices of DrasaT and rationing and a number of administration officials to look into a number of files:

Dressing rooms
Grass the playground 
Progress of the completion of the participatory budget for the year 2018
Achievement of the Youth House
1- Regarding the project Dressing rooms: All those responsible for the project from the study offices attended and presented their files, and the attendees discussed the final technical touches, and the Civil Protection indicated that, and it was agreed to refer the file to the Ministry and the rest of the competent structures for approval and entry into the stage of submitting offers, then launching the project
2- Participatory projects: the opinion was expressed in the previously presented studies, and the specialists expressed their opinion, and the agreement was signed to present the studies. The amended final on Thursday to the municipality to send it to the Local Communities Fund and to make sure to expedite the answer, and after providing us with the conditions book, the request for proposals for projects will be opened, God willing. Weeding to the municipality of Manihla and sending the minutes of a working session between the municipalities of Al-Tadamon and Al-Manihla for the same issue, and after correspondence with the sports delegates of the state on the same issue, we agreed to request a mediation meetingNext week, with the presence of all parties, and ensuring that the file is handed over to the municipality of Al-Manihla, so that it can start the procedures for completing the project that has been stalled for more than 6 years. Specializations in the same place
These are some of the stalled projects, we strive with all our effort to speed up their completion, and the obstacle remains the absence of an engineer and a technical interest in an innovative municipality with a population of more than one hundred thousand



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