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A project to support energy efficiency in public buildings in the Mediterranean countries SOLE

“The SOLE High Energy Efficiency Public Buildings in the Mediterranean” project is a project established by the ENI CBC Med Program with the aim of supporting profitable and renewable energies in public buildings in Mediterranean countries.
The sector represents Building in the Mediterranean cities is the largest consumer of energy, as most buildings lack energy efficiency, and the absence of Permanent maintenance causes an increase in energy consumption in these buildings during the summer and winter seasons, as well as a rise in carbon dioxide emissions.
Sustainable and renewable energy policies. This is done by exchanging knowledge on energy rehabilitation. The partners are working on developing local plans in line with the characteristics of each region while implementing pioneering measures in the field.
The project is based on supporting cost-effective and energy-innovative rehabilitation operations in public buildings in seven Mediterranean countries. These operations include schools, institutes, administrative and sports facilities. Where the program will enable Achieving the energy efficiency of these buildings and reducing the volume of annual energy consumption in them.
Also, in order to support policies to reduce energy consumption in buildings, the SOLE project will intervene on two levels:
Influencing local policies through pressure and advocacy to integrate pilot projects into policies related to energy consumption.
The SOLE project also works to integrate the results recorded in the Mediterranean countries and come up with joint recommendations for the adoption of pioneering policies, plans and activities for sustainable energy. In this context, the President of the Regional Association of Tuscan Municipalities, Mr Anci Toscana, Simon Gehry said, "Environmental policies today represent a major challenge in municipal action plans and in the agenda of mayors."
For reference, 7 Mediterranean countries are participating in the SOLE project, namely Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Spain, and the National University of Tunisian Municipalities will be represented. The municipality of Manihla is the Tunisian party to this project.
The European Union is responsible for providing 90 percent of the total cost of the project. Also, 120 public authorities at the local, regional and national levels (associations and municipalities) and 60 energy agencies and energy providers will benefit from this project at the level of the seven participating countries. More than 250 associations representing construction companies (building renovation companies, energy service companies, architects, and construction companies). Engineering ...) and 10 scientific societies, research and academic institutions. It will continue until January 9, 2023.
As for the results, the SOLE project seeks to:
Increase the share of renewable sources in the energy mix by 300,000 kWh
Reduce annual emissions of carbon dioxide from public buildings by about 130% Tons per year.
7 experimental procedures for the rehabilitation of buildings



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