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A number of members of the Works and Urban Development Committee in the municipality of Manihla made a night visit to inspect the enlightenment project programmed from the end of 2018 Accompanied by the person in charge of the Enlightenment Department, Mr. Muhammad Al-Rihani, before the temporary delivery of the project took place.

The project provided 547 new light points at a total cost.

391,952,640 d, including the following neighborhoods::

Al-Saafah neighborhood, Al-Janadbeh neighborhood, Kilani neighborhood, Al-Sunhaji (Al-Eidi neighborhood and Al-Matawa neighborhood), Route 32525 and the adjacent roads branching from the Sheikh Roho road, and the vicinity of the end of the bus line with the road of Awlad Hafouz, Al-Waslatia, Bouziane road, Al-Jumhuriya neighborhood, Maknasi road 1.2 3. A lined street and the vicinity of Al-Hamad Mosque./p>

Most of the project has entered into exploitation, with the exception of Al-Janadbeh neighborhood and part of Al-Sa'afah neighborhood, due to the delay of the Electricity and Gas Company in installing electrical transformers to operate the rest.

Other projects related to enlightenment are on the way, God willing, and were disrupted due to the epidemiological situation, including a project of 900 thousand dinars, and the amount has exceeded one billion, and it is now in the ministerial deals committee to pass, after approval, to completion.

We all cooperate to serve our region

Thank you to all the collaborators.



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