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Thursday, June 13, 2019
During the meeting of the Municipal Council in Manihla, which was supervised this morning by Mr. Guini, Mr. Secretary General of the governorate, Mr. Motamed Menihla, Mrs. Najibeh Shabchoub, mayor of the commune of Manihla and general secretary of the commune, the members of the communal council and the regional directors of equipment, housing, sanitation, estate and real estate affairs, the president of the province of El Menzah for electricity and gas, representatives of agriculture and the Tunisian Agency for Development and Water Management Al-Omrania, the Water exploitation and distribution company, and representatives of civil society, in addition to the subjects on its agenda, which are
- Monitoring of municipal projects and projects of the Rehabilitation and Urban Renewal.
- An example of urban development in the municipality of Manihla.
Addressing the following issues that concern the inhabitants of the Manihla region:
- The issue of the artisanal zone.
/>- Clean and clear Wadi Al-Sunhaji.
- Accelerate the Ashish Land Drinking Water Supply Project.
- Accelerate the procedures for allocating land for the cemetery.
- Accelerate the procedures for operating the waste transfer center of Al-Manihla.< br />- Call on the Ministry of Equipment and Housing to speed up the completion of works at the level of the Manihla transformer and the M C 31 road which is the subject of complaints from users of this road.
At the end of the session The Governor appreciated the excellent and positive atmosphere in which the session took place, noting the climate of harmony and harmony between the members of the Municipal Council of Manihla, calling on the Mayor to accelerate the preparation of a example of urban development for the region , which will allow the municipality to have significant financial resources, in addition to overcoming problems that will allow the realization of projects that will benefit the citizen, as well as greater coordination with regional authorities and national to benefit from the incentives and programs available to municipalities.



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